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1. Must be 18 years of age;

2. Has a strong passion for cars;

3. Should be able to attend six (6) consecutive GRC Events;

4. Should obtain votes of trust from officers and three (3) votes of trust from bonafide members as well;

5. Drag racing, karting or joining car shows as hobbies are a big plus;

6. Willing to participate and be active in ALL of GRC’s events, meetings and get together’s;

7. Is a FUN, FEARLESS and RESPECTABLE woman; and




1. In the event that a member is absent for three (3) consecutive events and/or meetings without a valid reason or a proper notification to one of the officers, membership status would be suspended and will be FURTHER discussed by the officers.


2. Cars of the Girl Racers Club members that has GRC decals are prohibited to places that are demeaning to women. GRC cars are also not allowed to participate in any illegal street racing or any form of circumstances that will affect the club's name.


3. Disrespecting officers and co-members (including but not limited to other car club groups/ shops/ vendors/ et al) will not be tolerated in any way.


4. No Bullying. This applies to all Officers, Members and Newbies. Treat each other with respect.


5. Solicitation using Girl Racers Club, Inc.’s name and illegal reproduction of ANY GRC paraphernalia is not allowed unless approved by the Founder, Directress and the officers.


6. No Pornography and offensive images/statuses. Any pornographic, offensive images (including photographs, cartoons etc.) and statuses posted on our social media will be removed, and the Member/ Newbie will be warned. Once warned and continually commit the same offense, A withdrawal from her membership takes place.


7. If proven guilty of any misconduct committed by a member, this automatically cancels her membership and affiliation with the club.


8. Termination of membership will be on a case to case basis. Should a member be terminated,

they must remove all GRC decals immediately. The Girl Racers Club has the right to remove the said identification with GRC at any time and/or place without permission to the owner of the car.


9. Once you become a bonafide member of GRC or a GRC Newbie, this will stand as your Mother Car Club. In the event that you will have a simultaneous event, car show, car trade fair that you have to attend to on the same event date, the GRC Member/Newbie is expected to represent her Mother Club as her priority and nothing else.


10. For Manila or NCR Newbies, you have to attend six (6) consecutive GTs. If you miss one, you add one. This should be in a span of one (1) year.


11. For Provincial Newbies, you have to attend six (6) GTs in a span of one (1) year.


12. For OFW Newbies, it is the discretion of the Founder, the Directress and the current President for any mutual decision regarding this (if a Newbie intends to join at the latter part of the year, their GT points will be carried over on the following year, should be 12months from the start of the first signed up date).


13. By signing this, you are agreeing with all of GRC's Rules and shall promote The Girl Racers Club with pride and dignity.

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